Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod

The Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod soothes, heats and raises the core body temperature with deep warmth called resonance that can keep your metabolism elevated for 4-12 hours after your session. A soothing, relaxing environment is created inside the Cocoon via a combination of flowing, heated air together with radiant infrared wavelengths. While heating the air (like a traditional sauna) raises the temperature throughout the entire pod, the infrared wavelengths directly warm the object inside the pod–your body.

The Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod provides the ultimate relaxation and wellness therapy by using a multi-sensory sauna system. The Cocoon combines both dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy, Himalayan salt air, and precious jade gemstones for the ultimate body transformation and relaxation experience. Users will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated after the very first session. With continued use, users will see a significant improvement in the way they look and feel. Whether you are looking to relax with a hot, full body massage, lose weight and inches, or firm and tone your body, the Cocoon offers something for every-body!


  • Weight management, including significant calorie burning
  • Detoxification, including reduced water retention and bloating and skin cleansing
  • Halotherapy that strengthens the immune system
  • Reduce pain from injury
  • Accelerates healing process
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve metabolism
  • Reduction of stress and fatigue
  • Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Powered massage that soothes and relaxes while relieving stress
  • Hyperthermic conditioning



  • Heart/Respiratory problems
  • Pacemaker
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney disorders
  • Nervous conditions (i.e. epilepsy)
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
  • Implants
  • Open lesions
  • Pustules or cysts

The Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod is not a medical device. It is not for medical purposes and makes no medical claims. The Cocoon has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not for any medical purpose whatsoever. The Cocoon is a general wellness, relaxation and fitness system.